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Original Music

Infinity is within you.,

don't ever let anyone

tell you it's not

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was a wolf I'd howl

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Jerrica Tisdale

Pitch Perfect Critic

Cielo Bomba

Fly’s poetic background shines with her complex, mystical lyrics... her voice mesmerizes and enlightens.

Sue Lingle


Cielo Bomba

These songs are most compelling. Beautiful voice, interesting music, soulful poetry, put together in a discordant way that touches me on a very deep level

Matt Jensen

Pitch Perfect Critic

A halo for...

...downright soulful vocal performance with ambiguous lyrics that go down the rabbit hole...I felt like there is some mad genius at work here the more I listened to these songs.

Cielo Bomba

(Jan 2014)

Vultures and Votive Candles

(Apr 2015)

a Halo for a...

(Nov 2016)

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