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Divination &
Tarot Readings

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I’m an intuition-driven artist who uses tarot and other divination tools to guide my work and my readings.  I view the world as an altar, and each of us are a part of this.  I have been engaging in intuitive practice since a young age, and using tarot and other divination forms as well as channeling for 19 years. I have been experiencing inter-dimensional realms since I was a young child and as a result of severe chronic illness and near death experience have had expansive challenges/opportunities to hone my skills as a healer and a channel.  I work with different tools in my work as a reader.  I’m here to help you get clarity in daily life for questions you might consider small or big and to access your infinite self.  

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Half Hour Tarot/ Divination Sessions

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Hour Long Sessions

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“Bekah's third eye is wide open to channel wisdom. She has helped me so much with medical intuitive support and relational understanding. Her knowledge of health and medical issues is extremely helpful in conjunction with her psychic and synaesthetic capacities -- for example, pointing me in the direction of a particular herb or remedy, whether physical or energetic. Her insights have been incredibly spot on, and sometimes through creative psychic collaboration together, we can discover answers and insight that amaze both of us and lead to joy and laughter. Her tarot readings have deep layers of depth. I love hearing her unique wisdom. I consider Bekah one of my most trusted people for psychic support and insight.”- moshe nosson

“Bekah is a one in a billion artist, visionary, poet.  The magic that happens when I get a reading from her is so valuable and nourishes me for weeks and months”- KPH

“if ever i find myself stuck, or want some perspective on a subject that feels big & tangled up - bekah fly is my go to. she always has perspective, insight, love & poetry to give. she has got this vision that i admire & am  grateful for. there is no one quite like bekah fly to aid an old bandaged up wolf pilgrim like me. what kind of inner realm will you learn about  today?  keep asking beautiful  questions.” -water dog 

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